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Consulting, training, business intelligence, predictive analytics, natural language processing and text analysis
Mathematical Modeling
Machine learning, mathematical optimization, simulation modeling
Data Management
Design and development of data warehouses, Big Data warehouses, master data management systems and IT infrastructure
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UX/UI Design, mobile and WEB development, high-performance computing
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Recommender System
Fraud Detection
Churn Prediction
Psychological Scoring
Fault Prediction
Preventive Maintenance
Warehouse Optimization
HR Analytics
Chat Bots and Text Analysis (NLP)
Fuzzy Search and Knowledge Bases
Lead Generation
Image Recognition
DATALYTICA knows how to make your data work
for your business

Due to the rapid development of data storage systems, information, on the one hand, has become quite inexpensive, and on the other hand, hides a huge amount of people digital footprints. These footprints can help to analyse business processes performance, customer behavior patterns and much more. We develop predictive analytics solutions based on deep big data analysis and machine learning - artificial intelligence methods. Predictive analytics allows extracting hidden information from a wide variety of raw data sources and making predictions of the future. Every day, our solutions increase sales, reduce costs and help to effectively manage risks of small businesses and large international corporations.
A qualified team of 50+ fulltime employees
Bread technological expertise with 30+ development technologies
Our analysts are among Top-100 Global Kaggle Data Scientists rank
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Energy and mining
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Transport and logistics
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City management
Medicine and healthcare
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