How we work
DATALYTICA Project Approach

We implement projects and transfer the final
product to our customers under:
Non-Exclusive License
Datalytica transfers a copy of the source code to the customer and keeps a copy for our own records. Datalytica may use the developed source code for similar solutions for other customers with full respect to confidentiality.
Exclusive License
The developed software product unconditionally belongs to the customer. Datalytica will not use the source code in any other projects; it will be transferred to the customer and deleted from Datalytica's storages.

Development Methodologies

We use a flexible and iterative Agile approach to project implementation.
Our Principles
We apply mature approaches to project management: planning dates and resources, managing risks and expectations.
We use the CRISP-DM methodology and document research
We implement best practices in conducting research and use top approaches from machine learning contests.
We share the Agile values: morning stand-up meetings, task management in Jira and Tiempo.
We use the GitLab version control system.
We encourage scientific activities and publishing research papers related to our projects.
Sometimes We Work for Free


Particular Pilot Projects

Free Pilot Projects
In some cases we are ready to implement a pilot project free of charge on condition of joint investment. The joint investment includes data collection and subject-matter expertise from a client; and mathematical expertise and
a predictive model development from Datalytica team. Integral parts of a free pilot project:
Heads of Agreement
Non-disclosure Agreement
Joint Investment
The result of a free pilot project is a presentation, evaluating the commercial potential of a full-fledged project. The developed predictive model and its source code are non-transferable under the free project conditions.