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DATALYTICA is looking for talented and ambitious professionals who want to change the world.
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What's in store for you
Flexible hours
Our office hours depend on particular project requirements.

Casual dress code
In office, the only rule for our outfits is that you should not puzzle colleagues. For business meetings with customers, we dress how it is appropriate for the customer.

The company appreciates employees' commitment to self-development. We compensate for specialized training, participation in conferences and appoint mentors for junior specialists. We highly support participation in hackathons and contests.

Career prospects
Each of us develops as a professional and an individual at their own pace. With new knowledge and skills we can take upon new tasks or responsibilities, thus increasing our value for the business as well as our positions and income.

Half-year assessment
We take a closer look at what has been done and assess its value for the business. We also work out individual development plans for the next assesment period.
What is not about us
We believe that people are inspired by both physical and emotional comfort. We communicate on a first-name basis with each other and say 'hi' to our colleagues every morning.

There is no 10-level hierarchy in our team. We like constructive discussions and share the experience regardless of positions or social status.

Absurd rules
Your superiors and common sense will always help you out in any situation.

Unclear responsibilities
We are a team of professionals. The core of our business ethics is personal responsibility. Each of us is responsible for their own clear-cut share of work and will always help with an expert advice.
Where we work

If you would like to join Datalytica team, please, switch to the Russian web-site to check our our open positions.

If you feel that we can mutually benefit from our cooperation, please, send your ideas and CV to career@datalytica.ru.
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